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Tritek Telecom is pleased to announce that it has acquired the rights to the Executone Nurse Call Lifesaver™ product line including the patented Lifesaver™ pillow speakers and call pendants from Tyco Safety Products and will continue to manufacture and develop new systems!

The pillow speakers are used with patient stations to provide the patient with nurse call capability. Depending on system programming, voice communication from the nurse control station is possible through the patient control unit. In addition, the patient has control of other functions such as TV and lights.

Tritek Telecom is excited to announce the availability of its NEW Lifesaver™ Direct Access Pillow Speaker in conjunction with our exclusive contract manufacturer!

For any inquiries and ordering information for Tritek's Lifesaver™ Pillow Speaker and Call Pendant products, please contact Tritek at 858.397.1237 or via email at sales@tritektelecom.com.