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The LifeSaver™ System is a fully software-driven, digital nurse call solution that allows calls to be answered from a patient's bedside or any other location. This feature can dramatically increase nursing staff efficiency, reduce clerical activity and contribute to improved patient care.

LifeSaver™ communications integrate voice and data capabilities in one system that can be configured to serve a 20-bed unit or networked to serve an entire 1500-bed hospital. Its PC-based touch screen Nurse Control Station keeps caregivers informed of their nursing unit's status and displays calls in order of priority.

Thanks to the one-button "Nurse Follow" mode, caregivers can move around the facility without missing patient calls. Duty/staff stations include an easy-to-read LCD identifying the calling patient and room number, and provide two-way voice communication with that patient. Patient stations put patients in touch with the NCS, and can accept input from peripheral devices such as code blue stations, emergency stations and call origination devices. Patient call origination devices are available with controls for operating TV and radio entertainment.


  • Displays eight prioritized calls - programmable call nomenclature
  • Patient data at the touch of a button
  • Hands-free voice communication between patient rooms
  • Universal Nurse Follow -- nurses respond from any station
  • Peripheral interfaces - smoke detectors, code blue station, emergency stations, auxiliary devices, remote switches, call devices and more
  • Centralized, parallel or decentralized nursing areas - network up to eight systems
  • Integration with ReportStar® Management Reports Package
  • All necessary system components -stations, control devices, dome lamps